Eat to the Beat

“Music and Food

play an important role in the social function of this city. When so much of America is homogenized, New Orleans still has regional music and food. People are born to it and they die to it. It’s part of the ongoing nature of this strange place down in the swamps.

- one New Orleans music legend

About Eat to the Beat

Eat to the Beat Productions is a Louisiana-based television & film production company dedicated to exploring the unique culture of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.

Eat to the Beat Productions is currently developing a television series, “Eat to the Beat: New Orleans” which will explore the inseparable social and creative bonds between music and food in the Big Easy by featuring well-known local musicians who are enthusiastic about cooking.

Plans are also in the works to expand the Eat to the Beat television concept to other cities where music and food always seem to go together, such as Austin, Miami, and San Francisco.

Who We Are

Bryan Myers, the principal founder of Eat to the Beat Productions, is a long-time producer, writer, and director of network television programming. During his 30-year career, he’s worked for ABC, CBS, and PBS. For his work, he’s received nine Emmy awards and a Peabody award, the most prestigious award bestowed for excellence in the broadcast arts.


Some of the artists Bryan has worked with through the years. These artists are not affiliated with Eat to the Beat Productions.